‘Women can be on Council of Senior Scholars’

sheikh-abdullah-al-manea news54s54ff54s54sfSheikh Abdullah Al-Manea, member of the Council of Senior Scholars, said that women have the right to be members of the council, citing the example of the wives of the Prophet (pbuh) Aisha and Hafsa who used to share their views on public and private matters.
Al-Manea, the oldest member of the council, said women are permitted to sit in the council provided there is no mixing. He suggested that they sit in a hall adjacent to that of the male members, from where they can express their views.
On fatwas, Al-Manea said if women are qualified, there is no problem with them issuing fatwas, just like Aisha used to issue or give advice on fatwas to a number of the Prophet’s companions on various issues.
Asked whether one can expect to see a female judge in the future, Al-Manea said this responsibility should be limited to men, as a large number of scholars do not see a woman’s testimony as acceptable in cases concerning money, retribution and other issues.