When Edhi refused to stone the devil during Hajj


KARACHI (Web Desk) – Renowned and celebrated Philanthropist who left us last night has left a saintly legacy and so many lessons to be pondered upon.

Edhi went on to offer Pilgrimage to Mecca via car in 1977 along with his Family. During Hajj rituals, he reportedly refused to stone the Devil. Upon inquiry, he stated that he will observe the ritual when he returns to his country, “i can’t find any devil here” he added.

Recently, during an interview, Edhi’s wife Bilquis Edhi told the Private TV channel while narrating the whole episode that Edhi was given some stones by some people to stone the devil which he refused saying that “There are plenty of devils in Pakistan, I will stone them when I return to my country. I can’t find any devil here”.

Bilquis Edhi said that they reached their destination in 22 days. “We used to have short sojourns after Eesha prayer and resumed the journey the next day after Fajr prayer. The journey was quite arduous, but God wanted to execute it.” They said.

Edhi revealed that he broke out in tears after he got the first glimpse of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) tomb. “I started asking for repentance to God, May God accept it” he added.