Pakistan set to sell Super Mushshak aircraft to Turkey

Super Mushshak aircraft PAKISTANnews565sfsf5665fPakistan and Turkey will soon sign three important deals in the defence production sector.

Pakistan is going to sign a deal with Turkey to sell the latter its Super Mushshak trainer jet. Turkey is going to buy a big number of Super Mushshak jets from Pakistan and the deal is being considered an achievement of the Ministry of Defence Production and the PAC Kamra.

This deal will strengthen ties between the two countries and earn a huge foreign exchange for Pakistan. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took keen interest in the deal and the success is the result of excellent teamwork of the Ministry of Defence Production.

Apart from sale of Super Mushshak, development of Fleet Tanker by KSEW in collaboration with Turkey is another example of close relations between the two countries in the field of defence production.