Being as a food technologists I look life as milk. Milk is white and sometimes pure but mostly with contaminants and adulterants, same is the case of life that it is colorless but we have to make it colorful by doing precautionary measures same like we do to prevent the milk from spoilage.

As milk is taken from the cows and then most of the milker make it adulterated by adding water, ice, urea fertilizer and different things intentionally to get more and extra profit. Same is happened in life that there are corrupt people or the positive ones which are as adulterants because we make relations with these people by ourselves. Yes, no doubt with the passage of time we come to know that who is positive or who is negative one.

When we get milk from the market or from the local means, with the passage of time we come to know that it’s not pure and we reject that milk and move towards that side which provides us pure milk.

In milk contaminants like dust, dirt, these are added unintentionally during processing or due to bad unhygienic environment. There are different types of tensions in life. In other words we can say that tensions are like the contaminants in life for example, failure, financial problems, and bad health. We have to overcome these problems.

How we overcome these tensions?

It’s the question that has a very simple that we should have strong faith on ALLAH. Because no one can reach to the top without facing failures, no one become rich without facing challenges, financial problems. Even these problems make us strong. Many of the peoples believe that these failures, problems, are the killers of motivation but actually these are the true motivators and we have a lot of examples of great personalities like Mr. Bill gates richest person of the world everyone knows about him.

If we believe in this fact that ALLAH did everything for our betterment then these problems are like grains of wheat. What we want He gives us, it means it’s better for us that he give us but if we not get that it doesn’t mean that we disheart but we have to believe, he gives us better than this because, he knows what is better for us.

Nestle the world’s leading brand we move towards it to get pure, hygienic and healthy products because millions of people trust on Nestle because of its purity and standard. Nestle today is celebrating 150 years of its services because they not break the trust of the people and care the people by providing the best milk products. Same is in case of life that those people whose value of your trust or make it strong and never break it they are with us forever and care us in every matter.

Relations in life are also the same like the seller with the buyer. If seller sells the good things relation will be the strong and if a bad thing relation will be weak. Relations like friends, family, and even every relation based on trust, love and care these three are interrelate with each other.

If we trust someone we care him/her and love to that relation. Those who not value your trust remove them from your life carefully to purify your life as we remove the contaminants to purify the milk.

Life is an interesting fact and mixtures of these things that make the life colorful if we overcome on all these and pass them by not affecting to much from them and on other side these make the life colorless if we not overcome these and are affected by them.


Failures, tensions, love, care and trust are the ingredients of life like minerals add in the milk to make it healthy. It depends on us that how we deal the life. Do whatever we want to do by keeping these things in our mind.