Afghanistan-based militants slaughter two Kalash shepherds in Chitral

Afghanistan-based militantsnews54d54f45f54f Afghanistan-based militants slaughtered two shepherds in Bamburet valley and herded their 300 sheep to the neighbouring country, official and local sources said on Friday.

Though the identity of the militants wasn’t known, normally Pakistani Taliban who fled to Afghanistan after the military operation in Swat and rest of Malakand division carry out such cross-border attacks.

The sources said that two Kalash shepherds were grazing sheep in Ghari, the summer pasture in Bamburet when they were attacked by a group of 30 militants who crossed over to Pakistan from Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

The shepherds reportedly opened fire on the militants and the exchange of firing took place for a long time. However, the shepherds ran out of ammunition and were overpowered by the militants