Sweeping it under the rug

shh_by_zaratopsMany times we hear people say  that our media only highlights the negative news and this brings a shame to our society. While it may be true that the media does sometimes show graphic images of things that should be left alone, it is wrong to blame them for bringing real cases and issues to us.

I have a friend from my school days on facebook and every year he shares some statistics or the other that shows that women in US or some other countries are more unsafe than they are in Pakistan. He argues that this is the reason Pakistani media should stop highlighting such issues because it is bringing our country’s name to shame.

It boils my blood to see how he can read such terrible things that are happening in our country and say that we should simply ignore them. I bet he would feel differently if any of it had happened to him.

He is not alone in his belief. There are so many people who criticize Sharmeen Obaid for making the documentary on the honor killing and bringing our country to shame.

While it is true that the world may look at us and think we are a barbaric nation but at the same time what they think of us after such stories is only the truth. Should we just sweep all of our problems under the rug and pretend to be a happy country and let people get away with the rape and other violence simply so that we can be seen as a good country in the eyes of the world?

No! if we want to stop others from believing that our country is “creepy “then we should stop being that. How about we actually do share all the stories about the violence and be the voice of the people who have been abused instead of silencing them. Lets not tell all the men and women who have been harmed in any way to keep quite, lets be their voice and start speaking against such hideous crime. Lets start shamming the attacker rather than the victim. We have been silent on such issues for far too long and it has only effected our society negatively.

And for all those people who still believe staying silent is the best policy, we will all remember that is how you feel and if God forbid something happens to you we will stay silent and not help you in any way.