They need war, we want to play Pokemon Go.


Thousands of innocent people are being killed in Kashmir by Indian forces, hundreds of children are being assassinated all over the world but gentle man, we are busy playing weird games like Pokemon Go, Public power is more than the power of our depraved politicians.
Instead of doing something for our nation we’re wasting our time and Assassins all over the world are wasting lives. I can’t do anything, but me and my countrymen’s voice can do everything. Those people who need likes or publicity they’re doing wasteful things like #PRAYFORKASHMIR, #WENEEDWAR. Haha, well. That’s bullshit. You don’t know nothing about anything. One man army is child stories. A single person can’t do well, you need to be regrouped first.

Rai Ayan AhmedAbout Author: I am only 13, next year i will complete my o levels from Aitchison College. Have interest in all kind of blogs.