Dark Room

As a kid you are not that mature enough to differentiate between the good or bad, all you see world as a beautiful place. You believe in fairies with magic wands and angels with wings on their backs. You fantasize to be a princess or a superman but what if your fantasies become a nightmare and all you could think of a devil with horns who had destroyed your childhood and you feel trapped in the dark room of your thoughts.

We all have heard thousands of cases of child molestation and its nothing very unusual in Pakistan. If I say that it’s a very common thing then it wont be wrong because kids are the easiest victims of these lust filled people who are giving harm to our society. Be it a girl or a boy no one is safe because lust is same for all and it saddens me every time when I hear a story of a young kid who is been molested. Child abuse/child molestation is something, which always triggers me because I know someone who has been a victim of this vicious act.

Mehak an 8 year old girl belonged to a simple yet conservative family. Being the youngest kid she was very pampered by all the family members. She was sweet and naïve like any 8 year old kid, full of life and ambitions. But her life changed after one incident. Every weekend she used to visit her maternal grand mother’s house so this was another weekend when it happened. She woke up and got dressed to go back home so she thought of buying some candies. Her grandmother’s house was on the second floor and on the first floor lived one single lady who was running a home-based store. So Mehak decided to go there to buy some candies, she went down rang the bell and door was opened but she was welcomed by some stranger, a short man with beard. She asked him about the lady he said “aunty shower le rhi hain tum andar akar intezar karlo” (aunty is taking shower you come inside and wait for her), when she refused to go inside he told her to wait and he went inside and then returned saying aunty is free so she can come and buy candies. First she felt little uncomfortable about it but when he insists she went inside. Little she knew what was waiting for her inside. She stepped in the room it was dark and no one was there so she took a step back but the man grabbed her and she was frozen to death. She tried to release herself but she couldn’t due to his strong grip. She screamed but he made her quite saying “kuch nahi, kuch nahi” (its nothing, its nothing). That ruthless man didn’t feel for that young girl and kissed her on lips. She cried and screamed again for help but he grabbed her again so she couldn’t move at last she screamed for her aunt living upstairs “aunty aunty!” and she heard and then she replied her back “han beta ajao” (yes dear come) her aunt didn’t know what was going downstairs and she thought that Mehak was asking her to open the door. When the man heard her aunt he released her and she ran for home. She was scared and shocked she had no idea what had happened to her. She couldn’t tell her aunt why her face was pale. She didn’t tell anyone not even her mother. The incident was not major and she was saved but the effect was terrible. She couldn’t sleep for days; whenever she lay on bed she had flashbacks of that terrible incident. She couldn’t forget the face of that man who assaulted her and it became worse because she was started feeling scared of every men including her father and brother.

In our society girls are told to be careful and any such thing is considered shameful. With shame and hurt Mehak decided to keep everything to herself but it was killing her deep down so that she got sick and had allergy on her whole body. When examined doctor told her mother that your daughter is very sensitive so she needs to be kept away from any issue or problem.

The incident took place 14 years ago but till today she remembered everything, the dark room, the face of that cruel man, the sleepless nights and the fear of being harmed again.

The story of this abuse is not that brutal but the psychological trauma one go through is very heart wrenching. We cannot even imagine the pain of the victim because it is so severe that it stays all their life. Mehak was strong so she survived somehow but those kids who are much younger and emotionally weak cannot handle such abuse.

If I dig deep to find out the solution of such issue it makes my head swing because we are aware about the legal system of our country. There are NGOs working to create awareness about child abuse but what we are doing on an individual level as a mother, sister or teacher?

Its our own duty to make our girls aware about such horrendous individual living around us. We should tell our daughters how to handle any such incident and if God forbidden anything happens they should immediately inform their parents. Schools should provide some basic self-defense training to all kids so that they can reach out for help and conduct sessions on abuse so that kids should know what it is and how we can be saved from it.

Yes its true that we can not completely eradicate such disease from our society but we can create awareness and work to minimize the pain of the victims because NO KID is born to suffocate in the dark room but to breathe fresh air in a much safer and stronger environment.

Name is been changed to keep privacy.