The World’s Biggest Hotel With 10,000 Rooms To Open In Saudi Arabia in 2017

worlds_largest_hotel_Abraj_Kudai_2news54s45ff54sworlds_largest_hotel_Abraj_Kudai_3Dubai will no longer be considered the quintessential mecca of the largest structures as Saudi Arabia is all set to built the world’s biggest hotel by 2017. Abraj Kudai hotel is planned to be located at the Manafia area in Makkah’s central zone, only 2.2 km south of the Holy Haram in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Rising high to accommodate 10,000 rooms, the Abraj Kudai hotel will also host 70 restaurants, food courts, a bus station, shopping mall, conference center and ballroom. Along with five floors dedicated entirely to the Saudi royal family, the hotel will comprise of 12 towers standing atop a 10-story podium and centered around a massive dome.