Pakistan Association to build first-ever non-profit medical centre in Dubai

new Pakistan Centrenews541f4f44gDr Faisal Ikram,The UAE is all set to get its very own ‘Pakistan Centre’ on the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day on August 14. The Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) is officially launching this landmark expansion project, at an estimated cost of Dh12 million.
It’s a dream come true for the large Pakistani expatriate population, especially in Dubai. Dr Faisal Ikram, General Secretary of PAD, said: “Pakistanis living in Dubai have always had this dream of a common centre where all community members can meet, socialise, strengthen their bonds and identity as Pakistanis. The project will thus commence under our ideal of ‘One nation, one dream’.”
Dr Ikram announced the details at a press conference on Tuesday, where the community paid homage to the victims of the recent hospital bomb attack in Quetta.