Mufti of North Caucasus calls to circumcise all women in the world

Mideast Saudi Womennew5s55d4fThe chairman of the Coordination Center of Muslims in North Caucasus, Mufti Ismail Berdiyev, explained his statement about the need to circumcise all women in the world.
“I do not call to circumcise women. Islam does not prescribe this, and this is simply impossible. I’m talking about the problem of depravity. I mean that there is a problem, about which one has to do something,” the mufti told Interfax.
On August 16, it was reported that Ismail Berdiyev allegedly called to circumcise “all women” to curb depravity on Earth and diminish female sexuality.
He confirmed the information about the practice of circumcision of women in several areas of Dagestan.
“One needs to diminish female sexuality,” he said, adding that circumcision does not affect fertility, but it does reduce the level of depravity. “God created woman to give birth to children and to educate them,” the mufti said.