Indian stabs colleague to death, burns body

Fire_071107-770x470news6556sf65RIYADH: An Indian worker in Al-Faisaliah district stabbed his colleague to death and set fire to the body in an attempt to conceal his crime.
The Riyadh police said that the crime was discovered when fire-fighting units of the Civil Defense responded to a fire in a carpet warehouse in the district.
After extinguishing the fire, they found a burned body; at that point, forensic examiners and investigators began their investigations.
The body was that of an Indian man in his 40s who worked in the warehouse and who, evidence showed, was stabbed before being set on fire.
“Investigators learned that the victim had a problem with an Indian co-worker over money,” the police spokesman said.
“The accused confessed to having committed the murder as the victim was holding his passport because of a debt.”
He also confessed to having taken SR3,000 which he stole before starting a fire in the warehouse.
The knife used as a murder weapon was recovered and the perpetrator is now being held by the police awaiting trial.