Muslim event Eid-ul-Azha is ahead, we pray that this event be cheerful and not be like last Eid-ul-Fitr, which was full of mourns for the all Muslims around the world, due to deadliest terrorist attacks. A death in the family takes months or sometimes years for the whole family to come on routine. A bloody terrorist attack not only snatches smiles from the victims’ families, but becomes a source of sorrows for the whole nation as suffering by the whole nation, of 16 December, 2014 Peshawar school massacre can be felt even today.

Eid is always a source of exhilaration, but unfortunately Muslim world was mourning on last Eid, instead of feeling glee. This all happened due to terrorist attacks in different Muslim countries.

Muslim countries faced the terrorism domino situation in the end of this Ramadan. First Bangladesh became the victim of this domino situation, then Iraq, then KSA, then Indonesia, then Thailand followed by most recent attacks again in Bangladesh and Iraq on July 7. Due to these attacks this couldn’t be as a source of joy like previous Eids.

Terrorist organizations brainwash the raw minds so that they prefer to die in the last days of Ramadan while having wrong believes that it will lead to paradise or that suicide attack will be a cause of their eternal life of pleasure while neglecting that Islam is the religion of peace which says that the slaying of one innocent is equals to the killing of the whole humanity. In reality a suicide attack is only a direct path toward hell.

Soon after July 1 Dhaka attack, in which 20 hostages, almost all foreigners, were killed Bangladeshi government without any inquiry first blamed IS. But later it came to knew that they were home grown terrorists, belonging to Jameytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh. Survivors spoke to media that the attackers first segregated foreigners and then attacked them. They dealt with respect with locals and even dined them. If they would be from IS they wouldn’t need to be polite with locals, they would kill all, even locals and foreigners. We need to understand IS psyche first. It’s a modern trend that after every attack every country without any investigation firstly blame IS. No doubt IS is a terrorist organization, but their areas to attack are Levant region, its vicinity and occidental countries.

Another victim of Dhaka Café attack was Zakir Hossain Shawon, 18, a kitchen assistant who was happy for getting the bonus before the attack, but his family didn’t know that their joys are soon turning into mourns on this Eid when he was killed while having in Police custody during interrogation mere of the suspect.

Two days after the Bangladesh attack terrorists burned Baghdad with suicide attack which engulfed 292 lives. This time it was IS. After taking control Falluja city from IS, it was being felt that now Baghdad will be safer than before, but this attack – the worst single terror attack to hit the Iraqi capital since 2003 – proved them wrong. After breaking of fast when Muslims were busy for their Eid shopping suicide attack first killed many, then rapidly death toll reached 292 when dozens more of the wounded succumbed to their injuries.

The very next day on 4th July KSA faced three attacks on a single day. Three cities Jeddah, Qatif and Medina were attacked. In Jeddah US consulate was targeted in Qatif a Shia mosque and in Medina Prophet’s Mosque was attacked in which four guards martyred. All these attacks were suicide attacks.

Next day, on July 5, the target of the attackers was Thailand. A car bomb detonated by militants blew up near a military check point in Muslim majority South Thailand while injuring several police officers.

On 6th July Indonesia became the victim of militancy. With the same plot of Baghdad and Saudi Arabia attacks, this time again a suicide bomber blew himself up in Surakarta, Indonesia. The target was a police station where a policeman injured without any fatalities.

So the end of Ramadan, when Muslims tried to neglect terrorism to celebrate Eid, terrorists continued what they were doing before. On July 7, on the same day two attacks were conducted; both in already victim countries to add fuel to the flames. First in Bangladesh, second in Iraq again. In Bangladesh, near the capital city, in district Kishoreganj where about 300,000 people had gathered for Eid prayer. Four militants used machetes and guns to kill policemen at the security checkpoint. In this attack, one woman and two policemen were killed.

On the same day IS targeted a Shia shrine Balad, a city of Iraq. In this attack suicide bombers aided by gunmen attacked at the mausoleum of Sayyid Muhammad bin Ali al Hadi. At least 40 people died in this attack.

After taking a glance at these incidents happened in very few days, it looks like that the whole Muslim world is smouldering. Not only the families of victims suffered on this Eid, but all Muslim countries mourned on this occasion. The Muslim world is like a body, if a body part suffers, then the whole body feels pain.

The need of the time is that, as we all are suffering from terrorism because terrorism has no borders and our joys are changing into sorrows, so all the Muslim world needs to unite against militancy. Whichever the terrorist organization is IS, Alqaeda, TTP, they all are foes of humanity.