Triple K (Kabul,Karachi-Kashmir) Nexus and Pakistan

pak navyKabul-Karachi-Kashmir Nexus

The South-Asian regional Strategic and economic game is revolving around the Kabul-Karachi-Kashmir nexus. For the past few decades, these centers are influencing each other.  Karachi is considered as the financial capital of Pakistan as it contributes about 58% overall GDP of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s seventy percent of income tax revenue is coming from Karachi. Strategic, economic, religious, historical aspects make Kashmir the center of conflict in the region. The Strategical location of landlocked Afghanistan is what pulled Afghanistan to become the center of proxies. India invested almost about $2 billion in Afghanistan in the last 14 years. These investments in Afghanistan helped India in launching covert operations in Pakistan.

Several training camps are operating under Raw in Afghanistan from which terrorists are deployed in Pakistan. The nexus of Afghan intelligence agency and raw is not a secret anymore, especially after the confession of Latif Ullah Mehsud (commander of ttp) and Kul Bhushan Yadav (officer of Indian army). The Afghan intelligence is fully backing Raw for covert operations across Baluchistan and Karachi.  For decades Raw has used its spy network based in different political, nationalist and sectarian organizations operating in Pakistan for Chaos and anarchy in Karachi. One day instability in Karachi results in a loss of 5 billion rupees to the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan economy.
The ongoing 46 day curfew in Kashmir with almost 70 dead and 3000 injured developed an international pressure of India. The instability in Kashmir means instability in Karachi; with Pakistan backing the freedom movement it’s clear that India would be targeting Karachi next. The U.S and Kabul are furious about Pakistan isn’t targeting the Haqqani network and other factions operating in Afghanistan. The cancellation of $270 deal of 8 F-16 jets followed by the delay in $300 million military reimbursement fund by U.S was a tactical move to oblige Pakistan to take action against Haqqani network.

The recent unrest in Karachi and blasts in Balochistan is the piece of the puzzle revolving around the Kashmir-Kabul-Karachi nexus. With the days passing Kabul regime and U.S forces are now facing the heat of the war. In recent months, Taliban played a very strategic move by shifting the war from their strongholds in south and east to north. The new strategy of targeting the north laid the way to fall of several districts in Helmand, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces, including Lashkar Gah capital of Helmand province. Similarly the uprising in Kashmir will increase the armed struggle against the occupation. Now its Karachi turns to complete the chain.

Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan, whenever Karachi shuts whole economy of Pakistan cripple. The recent unrest in Karachi can turn into a civil war if is not defused with proper strategy. It’s time to form a long term strategy for Karachi keeping these factors in mind.


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