This banyan tree is arrested for 118 years in Pakistan but Why ?

banyan treenews5454fs54fbanyan tree1In 1898, a banyan tree located in Landi Kotal army cantonment area in present-day Pakistan was ‘arrested’ on the orders of a British Army officer. Hundred and eighteen years later, the tree’s punishment continues. It is still tied with a chain, probably to ensure that it doesn’t try to escape.
You might be inclined to think otherwise, but this is not a joke.

Today’s issue of the Dawn, Pakistan’s leading newspaper, featured a large photo of the tree.
banyan tree3
According to the reports in several Pakistani newspapers, the story goes like this:
Over a hundred years ago, during the high noon of the British Empire, army officer James Squid saw an old banyan tree and thought that it was lurching towards him. The officer, who was reportedly intoxicated, felt threatened by the tree and asked the mess sergeant to arrest it.

banyan tree2