US refuses to back Modi’s claims,acknowledges ‘Azad Kashmir

2016_9$largeimg202_Sep_2016_000910987news5sf54fs45fsThe US on Thursday made it clear that it was entirely up to India and Pakistan to determine the pace, scope and character of any discussions on Kashmir.
“We acknowledge ‘Azad’ Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Gilgit Baltistan as territories governed by Pakistan.
We acknowledge the 1972 Line of Control as separating the administration of Jammu and Kashmir,” a State Department spokesman said.
The spokesperson was responding to a question on the US’ position on Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PaK) along with that of Gilgit-Baltistan.
Recently India had asked Pakistan to vacate the territory.
The spokesperson insisted that there has been no change in America’s policy on Kashmir.
“As we have said many times, our policy on Kashmir is this: The pace, scope, and character of any discussions on Kashmir is for the two sides to determine, but we support any and all positive steps India and Pakistan can take to forge closer relations,” the official said.