NSO Group sells invisible surveillance Hack tools to His Customer with low Price

Hacked By Def Con Press Preview - 2016 Tribeca Film Festivalnews544sf54f54NSO Group Technologies, an Israeli software development company has introduced invisibly spying tools capable of intercepting activities from a smart-phone. Unlike some others, the Herzliya based company sells surveillance tools in addition to developing software.
Since the NSO Group was founded six years ago, it has mostly kept a low profile while offering products such as surveillance tools that can track all the activities of a target smartphone, including its location and contents.
hese tools may transform a smart-phone into a secret recording device. The company has been acknowledged as a low profile company since its inception six years back and appears in focus while attempting to gain access through its spyware.

NSO Group profile reveals operational methods of its secretive digital surveillance unit. Unlike other digital surveillance outfits, the company markets its own services to governments and law enforcing agencies across the globe. It aims to make the world safer through tracking down terrorists, kidnappers and drug lords, reports The New York Times.