Good News for Workers now Free work visas luring Pakistanis to Saudi Arabia

Visa-Freenews54sf45fs54s5f4 Saudi Arabian companies are offering free work visa to attract Pakistani workers, reflecting a slump in the kingdom’s economy.

Meanwhile, local recruiting agents say Pakistanis — mostly labour class — are still going for Saudi jobs despite the fact that thousands of workers — mostly labourers working in the Saudi construction industry — from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal are stuck in the kingdom and have not received their salaries for months.

Work visas for KSA were once hot cakes and extremely costly; sometime the visa buyer had to pay his entire salaries of 6 to 12 months to meet the cost.

To enter and work in KSA legally, a worker needs a Kafeel (sponsor). Permission from the Kafeel is needed to leave the country, buying a car/house, and even opening a bank account.

“Fifty per cent Kafeels (Saudi individuals or companies offering sponsorship to workers) are not charging fees these days,” says Mr Mazhar, who runs a recruiting firm in Karachi.

He said local agents of Kafeels are minting money in the name of ‘Kafeel fee’.

However, sources — within the recruitment business and having links to Saudi companies — say the economic situation is not good for workers.

When questioned why Pakistanis are still going to the Kingdom, sources said those having government jobs have no problems.

“It’s only the private sector employees — mostly related to the construction industry — who are facing problems but highly educated and skilled people have faced no such issue in Saudi Arabia,” they added.

“The major reason behind Pakistanis seeking work in Saudi Arabia is that there are no jobs in Pakistan for them. These are frustrated people who are willing to take risks to go to the Kingdom despite knowing that things can go much worse,” explained Mr Mazhar.