Nation spends record Rs.425billion on sacrificial animals this year: analysis

289934-image-1411334928-604-640x480news45s4f5f4Pakistanis have spent a record Rs425 billion in buying sacrificial animals, making it this year’s biggest economic activity in Pakistan, Samaa reported.

Eid-ul-Azha has become the year’s biggest economic activity catalyst, with the public spending about Rs. 425 billion in performing the religious ritual of animal sacrifice and completing the Sunnah- Ibrahimi.

According to an estimate made, about 26 lac cows and bulls were purchased which cost a net amount of Rs. 182 billion, whereas the purchase of about 40 lac goats contributed approx. Rs. 100billion to the national economy.

According to sources, 8 lac lambs brought in an additional Rs. 16 billion whereas 3000 camels were purchased at a total of Rs. 30 crores.

With the purchase comes in additional amount of expenditure on butchers and sacrifice. Pakistanis collectively have spent about Rs. 7billion 20 crore on sacrificing cows and bulls, whereas the butchers charged a collective Rs8crore on slaughtering 8 lac lambs, and Rs.60crore on camels, making a total of Rs. 23billion 40crore earnings for the butchers.

Furthermore, transporting the animals from the markets to the houses cost altogether Rs. 5billion whereas their food collectively cost Rs. 3.75billion.