Brahamdagh Bugti likely to get Indian citizenship

brahamdagh-bugtinews54s45fsf5news54s5f454fsRecent reports suggest that exiled Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti is likely to get asylum in India. Long negotiations between the Baloch leader and Indian authorities are underway to obtain an Indian passport.

Sources said that Bugti will soon seek asylum in the Indian embassy of Geneva. The outlawed Baloch Republican Party (BPR) has convened a meeting in Geneva discuss the process.

BRP sources have confirmed that the India in principle has agreed to grant citizenship to Bugti and his key aides. BRP representatives have said that just like India facilitated Dalai Lama, who uses an Indian passport to campaign around the world against China, the Baloch leader too can move freely across the globe and highlight the plight of Balochis.