India prepares to attack under Cold Start doctrine, Pakistan ready to react

India has completed the first step of preparedness to wage an attack on selective targets inside Pakistan under the Cold Start doctrine.

According to reports, India has completed its first phase preparations to attack selected targets in Pakistan under the Cold Start strategy. Sources also disclosed that although Pakistan will not initiate an attack, it would respond with full force in case of any strike by India.

The armed forces would not let Indians cross the red line, according to well-placed defence sources.
India has moved military jets and air force personnel to forward air bases to launch surgical strikes as part of the three-phased strategy.

Pakistan has also prepared itself to counter any adventure with full force, they said. The decision to cancel flights to northern areas was taken as a precautionary step.

In a telephonic conversation held a few hours ago, the civil-military leadership expressed satisfaction over Pakistan’s capability to respond to any attack

Measures are being taken with regard to Pakistan’s counter-strategy to defend itself and if an attack is launched from across the border then it would be fully thwarted. The suspension of flight operations in country’s north and sealing of various passages also came as part of the same strategy.

The tensions between the nuclear-armed adversaries have soared recently over deteriorating situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK). Over 100 innocent Kashmiris have been martyred and 8000 wounded by the occupying forces in recent incidents of violence.

Pakistan is up for pursuing the case peacefully in the United Nations as PM Nawaz Sharif on Monday and Tuesday held meetings with the world leaders on the sidelines of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly.

But, it seems that the neighbouring arch-rival has some other agenda to prevent Pakistan from raising voice over IoK atrocities by engaging it in a short-term war.