Lahore City Traffic Police to introduce E-Testing System for road users

licence-600x330news54s45fs54fLAHORE: The City Traffic Police (CTP) would introduce an ‘E-Testing System’ within a few next days for first time in Pakistan to facilitate the road users. “According to this new system, citizens would give their driving test through a computerised as well as biometric system in every test centre across the city,” said Chief Traffic Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema during his visit to the newly established E-Testing Control Room on Friday.

He said that the new e-testing system is aimed at replacing the old system when traffic instructors manually taught the citizens about traffic signals and other traffic-related signs on black boards. As per this new system, he said, the candidates would give their driving exams on a computer. The system would then automatically, through biometric system, feed complete data of the candidate, thus making the processes of acquiring driving license easier and simpler, he added.

He said the main reason behind this new practice is to reduce the wastage of precious time of the citizens, as at least 30 new computers would be placed in each centre where almost 30 candidates at a time could appear for their driving tests. The system would also guarantee that the traffic officers are following their duties properly and everything would be filed electronically, he added.

The CTO said that this new driving system would save their time and no queues would be seen in the traffic centres in future.