China and Pakistan Held a Fresh Round of Arms Control Consultation

w020160923476124500952news544s5f54fs China and Pakistan held a fresh round of arms control consultation in Islamabad. The consultation was co-chaired by Mr. Li Yang, Deputy Director-General of Arms Control Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and Mr. Mohammad Kamran Akhtar, Director-General of Disarmament Division of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry. On the question of non-NPT states’ participation in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), given that it is an issue of concern to Pakistan, China, for its part, shared with Pakistan the recent developments as it sees within the Group in relation to the question. China also shared with Pakistan its principal positions and views on the above question. In the mean time, China listened to and had the inputs from Pakistan on this issue, and indicated that it will bring such views and inputs back to the Group for its consideration. The two sides also had in-depth discussions on issues related to cyber security and the work of the Conference on Disarmament. They also expressed the wish to intensify their exchanges on the relevant issues.