The Success Conundrum

Nothing lured me more than unfolding the alluring intricacies of massive success in childhood bliss then, and perhaps, in adolescent still. Instant thoughts, wildly provocative, emerging in my wildest imaginations would pause to wonder what the eternal success in life was all about. What sort of implications do people have to suffer in process of chalking up massive success? In short, how do even people get famous and renowned? There has to be something strikingly admirable in them which made them different than the rest. Maybe, I was too young to comprehend that they were totally different breed altogether.

To somehow find a way to make enough bread for them and their family has become the sole reason why most people exist today, and I use this term ‘exist’ intentionally. Oscar Wilde once remarked about most people just merely existing than actually living life to their authentic potential, which is true to some extent I believe. The kind of job people take up influences the health of their heart and their personal growth in life. It has far-reaching impact on the personality on the individual than one might think.

Success has always been a thing looming in my head all the time. It provokes you into thinking that you can succeed. My mind could not comprehend a life without an aim which would not thrive you to get further in life and closer to achieving the ultimate happiness – that is doing what you love and making money out of it. The idea of living a life without an aim to strive for never fascinated me a bit.

I could not have come across the better description of ultimate success and ultimate failure than the one given by Elizabeth Gilbert, a prolific writer of many sell-outs such as ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, which was a massive hit all over the globe. She defines this intriguing and strange connection between how our body reacts to great success and great failure. According to her, great failure catapults us abruptly to the blinding darkness of disappointment and let down from our metaphorical ‘Home’. Home is not place where you live and drop by for her, it is thing you love doing more than you love yourself, something you dedicate your most time to. It could be creativity, family, art, music and so on. Just as great failure, great success also catapults you in the same way as failure but just as abruptly as far in the light of acknowledgement, praise and recognition. Our subconscious is completely incapable of discerning the difference between bad and good. The only thing it is capable of feeling is the value of this emotional equation, the exact distance you have flung in both cases. There is danger of getting lost in the dark in both cases.

Whenever in life you happen to hit by great success or great failure, just remember you have to find a way back ‘Home’, as swiftly as smoothly as you can. If you get somehow vaulted out of your house by either of them, just remember to go back to your metaphorical ‘Home’ and perform with diligence, reverence, dignity and utmost integrity.

Written by: Umair Anwar