Sharif family says does not own any business in India

sharif-brothersnews254s55f4sLAHORE: The Sharif family on Friday rejected the allegations leveled against it by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and reiterated that it does not own any business in India.

The Sharif family’s spokesperson said that the prime minister’s kin do not own and run any businesses in India.

Imran Khan should not misguide the nation by propaganda, said the spokesman.

He added that Imran Khan should be ashamed of spreading baseless allegations and lies.

Imran Khan has time and again claimed that the Sharif family has businesses in India, although the allegations have always been denied by the latter as baseless.

In September, Tahirul Qadri had also pointed out ties between the Indian workers and Sharif family which were later refuted by the Managing Director (MD) Sharif Group of Industries.

MD Yousaf Abbas Sharif had also said that not a single Indian is working in Sharif family sugar mill.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister’s son Hussain Nawaz spoke in Hamid Mir’s show ‘Capital Talk’ and denied any links to business partnerships in India.

Hussain Nawaz Sharif had said that his family neither owns any commercial business in India, nor are they involved in a business partnership with any Indian industrialist anywhere in the world.

In his TV interview, Hussain Nawaz denied rumors that Indian tycoon Sajjan Jindal was present during Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Raiwind on December 25, 2015.

In 2015, Imran Khan had claimed that Prime Minister Sharif has earned $60 million from his business with India including setting up of two new sugar mills.