Indian grandmother shrinks to just 2ft tall due to rare condition

ad_221172656news45s5f65sfAn Indian grandmother has shrunk to just two-feet tall after being affected by a rare medical condition.
Shanti Devi has been completely immobile and in constant pain for the past two decades after her legs shrunk and twisted to the size of an infant.
ad_221172579The 60-year-old was originally five-feet tall, but after giving birth to her third child she gradually became weaker and her bones stiff.
She said: ‘I have been living like this for nearly 25 years now. This is painful. I get bored but I can do nothing on my own. I miss sitting and walking and meeting my friends or watering plants.’
Shanti, from Kanpur in North India, told her family she was looking smaller but they did not believe her at first.ad_221172607Her husband, Gangacharan Kushwaha, said: ‘After a couple of months, she noticed changes in her body as she was looking smaller. She told us but we did not believe her until we realised she had shortened by half a foot in just four months.’
The woman’s condition slowly deteriorated and she became completely bed-ridden after a thatched roof from a neighbouring hut fell on her legs.

‘Her bones had become weak and tight. She complained of severe pain and eventually lost physical strength and became bed-ridden,’ added the 62-year-old farmer.
The family initially sought help from several doctors, none of whom were able to diagnose the disorder.

So now, for the last decade Shanti has not been to any more doctors and her family remains uncertain about the ‘mysterious’ condition.

But Dr Pankaj Srivastava, a local physician, believes it could be Brittle Bone Disease (also known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta).

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