‘I repent’, says Saudi who was jailed for chatting with US girl

159dd08c-c722-4afa-bda2-ba2eb410d1eb_16x9_788x442newssf5456fs5fsIn a new short video – barely lasting one minute – the 19-year-old Saudi who was jailed for chatting with a California girl, said publicly on social media following his release from jail that now he “repented’.
Nicknamed Abu Sin, which means the toothless one, he was freed after a detention that lasted more than week after posting videos on YouNow program showing him talking to an American girl named Christina Crockett.
He was jailed for “violating decency and religious values,” according to police in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Abu Sin could still face a five-year sentence and fine reaching 3 million riyals.
In the new video, Abu Sin vowed that he would no longer use social media in a way that could violate general decency, saying “he repented” about chatting with girls online.