This Chinese Diplomat on Twitter is Clarifying CPEC Better than Entire Pakistani Government

PAKISTAN-CHINA-DIPLOMACYnews56s6sf6fsLijian Zhao, a Chinese diplomat based in Islamabad, Pakistan, has taken to Twitter and has been answering questions regarding CPEC and its progress in a clear manner.
He has already won his fair share of admirers and critics who wish to know more about the project and how it is transforming Pakistan little by little.
Mr. Zhao believes that all things are worthy of being highlighted, based on the good work done in Gwadar. Here he tweets about an school built for Gwadar’s residents:
muhammad-lijian-zhaoHe has demonstrated a keen understanding of foreign relations and diplomacy, as seen by his response to a Pakistani Senator here:screenshot-twitter-com-2016-10-14-13-56-51