Khalaf Al-Habtoor: GCC unity, closer ties with Turkey and Pakistan needed to face Iran

1476740517770124900news56sf65fs6In fact, “Is Anybody Listening?” is the title of Al-Habtoor’s most recent book, a collection of previously published articles. It was released in Dubai last week. In it, the Emirati businessmen — who otherwise is renowned for his positivity — seems extremely frustrated, particularly with Western leaders.
“Unfortunately, nobody is listening. Or I can say, maybe the advisers [of Western governments] are not briefing their leaders. They should investigate. Otherwise, what is happening now would not have happened, such as these militias in Iraq and Syria and Yemen.”
According to him, the core of most problems in the region is Iran and the difficulty is the recent warming up of the US to Tehran. “Unfortunately, the West is supporting our enemies, such as Iran, because of their business interests. I don’t blame them. I blame us,” he said.