‘Nostradamus doomsday comet’ set to bombard Earth with meteors TONIGHT

new6s5ds6556fThe meteor shower is actual produced by Halley’s Comet, which sweeps by the planet once every 75 years.

We won’t actually observe the comet, but we’ll notice fragments of its tail as they hit our atmosphere and cause shooting stars to streak through the sky.

Very pretty, you might be thinking.

But if you listen to the prophecies of Nostradamus, you might think otherwise.

According to The Daily Star’s prophets of doom, Nostradamus wrote: “A fire will fall from the sky which will appear in several countries and will burn some palace: the fire will be great.”

“At the end of this Moon and one part of another, one will doubt in several countries the conflagration of Vesuvius or Phaethon to come again one other time.”

He actually said this would happen in 1607, yet we seem to have survived that fateful year.