Why should you keep your hands clean?

handwashing-stepsYour hands are the biggest carriers of disease-causing germs. Unclean hands can make both you and others ill.

You do not notice it, but your hands are often the dirtiest parts of the body. A microscope would reveal entire colonies of germs on your hands. But how does it matter if I have unclean hands, you might ask. Well, read on.

1 Germs cling to your hands. The hands sweat, are warmer than the rest of the body and are in frequent contact with other surfaces. Thus, they become an ideal environment for germs to cling to and multiply. Many of these germs are quite hardy and are not washed off with plain running water. Only a good antibacterial soap can kill them.

2 The hands touch everything. Like we mentioned earlier, the hands are everywhere. Your contact with the world happens via your hands. From making a phone call to fixing dinner, and from working on the computer to driving to work, your hands do all the hard work. This means that the hands are vulnerable to many germs and microbes throughout the day. Of especial danger are surfaces in places of public use, such as door knobs, telephone keys, elevator buttons, staircase railings, etc. These are often rife with germs which are easily transmitted to human hands on contact.

3 Most people don’t wash their hands unless they are dirty. A common mistake that people make is waiting till their hands get really dirty to wash them. This is a bad idea – hands without visible dirt on them may not be clean! You cannot see the microscopic germs on your hands, so you do not know when they enter your system. Instead of waiting for them to get greasy or dirty, simply make a habit of washing your hands as often as you can, with soap and water.

Germ control is easy

It’s quite easy to maintain good health by washing hands often. If germs are removed from the hands, they cannot enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth. Thus, you are protected from infectious diseases for a longer time.

It is also a good idea to wash hands before and after handling raw meat and vegetables, as also after doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom and swabbing the floors. Increase germ control by adding an antiseptic liquid to your cleaning water to ensure that you get all the germs in your home. You can even add antiseptic liquid to your bathing water to remove germs from the skin.