Capt (R) Safdar submits reply in SC, says Maryam Nawaz has no offshore companies

panama-papersnews54sf5656fsISLAMABAD: Capt (R) Safdar on Friday submitted his reply in the Panama Leaks case in the Supreme Court.

He claimed that his wife Maryam Nawaz did not own any offshore account and he had been framed in a fake case by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan.

Capt (R) Safdar stated that his wife Maryam Nawaz regularly filed taxes and had submitted details of her assets in her tax returns. He claimed that he had submitted details of his assets in his nomination papers. Capt (R) Safdar added that Imran Khan had not sent a disqualification reference for him to the speaker of the National Assembly.

In his reply Capt (R) Capt Safdar argued that his disqualification according to article 63 after the elections has limited powers, adding that before the election no one had raised article 62 against him.

He said that questioning his disqualification was violation of article 225 of the constitution.