Defying all odds, Trump becomes 45th president of United States

trumpDonald Trump has stunned America and the world, riding a wave of populist resentment to defeat Hillary Clinton in the race to become the 45th president of the United States.

The Republican mogul defeated his Democratic rival, plunging global markets into turmoil and casting the long-standing global political order, which hinges on Washington’s leadership, into doubt.

Trump secured at least 290 electoral votes, securing more than the 270 he needed to succeed Barack Obama.

His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton had 218 electoral votes, a crushing defeat for the former secretary of state.

“Hillary Clinton fought very hard… We owe her a major debt of gratitude to our country,” Trump told a crowd of jubilant supporters in the early hours of Wednesday in New York.

The businessman turned TV star turned-politico ─ who has never before held elected office ─ will become commander-in-chief of the world’s sole true superpower on January 20.