The cliches in drama serial ‘sila’

14645754_10150732686809991_6196014370619654144_nWe all have a weak spot for clichés and we keep falling for its trap all the time. It not surprising that one of the new drama serials on Hum TV that goes by the name ‘Sila’ is fully taking advantage of this fact. ‘Sila’ is rapidly becoming favorite of everyone by using a romantic and the most enjoyed cliché of a young hardworking girl from a mediocre background and a rich guy from upper-class family who is madly in love with her. However it is not all that makes this soap opera intriguing. It’s captivating OST and the beautiful cast including Ainy Jaffri and Farhan Saeed- the singer of the OST- doesn’t help much.

We can all hum along very well with this well-known sad song “Sajna” by Farhan Saeed that we rocked to its limits by setting it up on the repeat mode when it was first released in 2015. Yes, that tune! we are all very familiar with it. Listening to this song again after a year in the OST of this drama serial ‘Sila’ on our TV sets is kind of refreshing. We wouldn’t have known that this song can still swamp us with overwhelming sentiments with its mesmerizing melody after we had exhausted it completely. Another plus is that we don’t have to go that far to see the singer of this song.

Farhan Saeed – the former member of famous band of Pakistan named ‘’Jal ’’ is casted as a main protagonist in this drama. The drama serial ‘Sila’ is the fifth drama featuring Farhan Saeed after ‘de Ijazat jo tu’, ‘Mere ajnabi’, ‘Udaari’ and ‘Teri chah me’ respectively.

Ainy Jaffri is starred as the main female protagonist.

Have you wondered that why it is name ‘Sila’? (English: ’result’) We don’t ponder over one liner names much since we can imagine something out of them but this one word- reward or result of something- really left us thinking. What could be possibly in this drama that would be rewarding? The title forecast an ending with a reward and we are really intrigued to find out what series of events will lead to that reward.

Take a look at its story line. It depicts a young unrequited love on behalf of the guy and a hardworking young woman who wants to make her circumstances better by becoming a doctor. Many people can relate to the struggles becoming a doctor and all the burden that come with it. In this drama, this is where a beginning is set up- in a medical college. Marium (Ainy Jaffri) and Taimoor (Farhan Saeed) goes to the same medical college and Taimoor has yet to convince Marium to reciprocate his love. Marium is aware of Taimoor’s feelings and so is of the difference between their social and economic backgrounds and doesn’t plan on relenting

As you know in all those stories with socioeconomic differences where the parents of the rich boy want to set up their precious child with the perfect girl in their eyes not knowing that their son only had eyes for someone else, this drama will make use of this cliché too and a love triangle is bound to form.  The fact that they are becoming doctor also seems like a cliché solely because this is the fondest trend of the society to get admission in medical colleges and become doctors.

But the question remains, what will be the reward? Who will get the reward? Why would they do to deserve a reward? Will it really be a reward or will it be a compensation?

We can relate the story of this drama to the lyrics of its OST easily. I hope it doesn’t turn up as sad as the song.

There are chances that there may come to find some other fabulous songs through the progression of this drama. Come on we have an award winning singer starred here. Male protagonists with the guitar is a new romantic cliché, I guess, or is it old?
Feige Gornish said something along the lines of “A cliche is a cliche because it works” but we have yet to find out whether the clichés in this drama will work out or not. Come one, it’s been just two episodes to judge the whole book. The cover was good by the way.