Pak-Turk school teachers to be deported as Erdogan visits Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The federal government will deport teachers affiliated with Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges as Islamabad awaits the arrival of Turkish President Recep Teyyep Erdogan.

Erdogan will arrive on Wednesday on a two-day visit. He will also address a joint session of parliament, his thrice such since 2009, the most by a head of state.

According to interior ministry sources, the government has ordered all Turkish residents affiliated with Pak-Turk to leave Pakistan by November 20. Immigration officials have also received orders in this regard.

The sources told that currently there are 23 Pak-Turk schools in Pakistan, where 108 Turkish citizens are working as teachers and in other capacities. The total number of these teachers and their family members amounts to 400.

Ankara had asked Pakistan in August to close down institutions run by Fethullah Gulen, the US-based religious leader accused of masterminding and backing the botched coup attempt in Turkey.

In Pakistan, Gulen runs a network of schools and Rumi Forum, an intellectual and intercultural dialogue platform, in addition to having business stakes. His organisations and businesses have been operating in Pakistan for decades.