She decided to embrace Islam because of Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric

trump-muslimnews544sf5sf545fsI am sure that you have already read the story of Lisa A. Shanklin who has recently accept Islam as her religion due to the hate speech of Donald Trump against Muslims one year ago. The story of Lisa A. Shanklin is viral on social media specifically on Facebook.

Lisa A. Shanklin has not studied Quran until she comes to know about the hateful rhetoric against Muslim by Trump a year ago which lead her to start reading Quran.
It was Trump’s hateful rhetoric that led me a year ago to pick up the Quran (I hadn’t read since studying comparative religions at university) and study it closely.

Even after that, she starts interacting with Muslims which lead her to embrace Islam.
This led me to begin interacting with Muslims, and eventually to embracing Islam for myself. For that, I am so thankful.

Yes, she did it on her own.

She will officially start wearing Hijab on same day when Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President.